Automatic Vigenère Decoder/Solver

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Enter ciphertext:

Length of codewords to try:

If this is left blank, codewords between 5 and 9 characters long (inclusive) will be tested. If you want to try codewords between, say, 10 and 15 characters (inclusive), type "10-15". You can also enter an exact number if you want, e.g. "3". There are some limitations (see below).

Plaintext result:

This is an online version of "PyGenere", a small Python program that automatically finds the codeword for ciphertexts encrypted with the Vigenère cipher. You need to give the program a piece of ciphertext that's fairly long compared to the length of the key used to encrypt it.

The PyGenere source code is freely available under a 2-clause BSD-style license. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact the author (email address in source code).

The online version is limited to codewords between 1-20 characters long. If you need to get around this, download Python and run the program yourself; it should be quicker that way in any case =)

If you want a tool to encode texts to test here, Sharky's Vigenere Cipher is a good Vigenère encoder/decoder.